what is a featured ad and how do I get my Ad featured?

A Featured Ad gives your ad more exposure. It will scroll across the top of the home page of this site instead of moving down the list of the regular ads to eventually be gone from the front page. Also, on the price tag next to your ad, the tag will stand out among the other ads. To feature your ad, click on Post an Ad, fill in the information, follow the prompts and before your ad goes live, you will be able to choose to have your ad featured.

How long will my Ad stay listed?

Regular Ads are listed for 90 days and Featured Ads run for 30 days.

Can I edit my Ad?

Yes, you may edit your Ad through your personal Dashboard. Keep in mind if your Ad was listed in a paid category, the Ad will have to be approved before the edited Ad will show up on the site.

Can I relist my original Ad?

Yes! You will be given the option to relist your original ad when your listing expires.

How will people find my ad?

First thing is for you to be as descriptive as you can in your Ad. All listings have a dedicated Category Page on the site, so they will always show up there. We also have a search bar that will enable potential buyers to search for what they are looking for. Also, this site is very optimized for search engines, so your ad should get good exposure in the search engines. Once someone finds your Ad, there is an option for them to contact you for more information. This will send an email to the email address listed on your account.

A featured Ads will put you prominently on the front page of the site until a new one comes along. In other words, your ad or a direct link to where you ad lives is prominent on the front page. All ads expire in 90 days and if you wish to continue, you can another Featured ad for 90 more days.  You will have to create a new ad and go through the whole process again.