This AWD vehicle is perfect for a USPS Rural Carrier and you just have to drive it to really see what I mean. The car has 216,000 miles but has been well maintained, has newish tires and battery, is super dependable and I’d be comfortable driving it on almost any length of trip. Just had the a/c
21 days ago
99 Subaru Forester With RHD Conversion KIT
Jeep has been sold. Call Blaine at 503 686 0284. he has the vehicles. 46,900 ORIGINAL MILES, FACTORY RHD, 1995 JEEP SPORT Beautiful, very low mileage, route ready, 10,000 miles on mounted tires, comes with 1 year old snow tires on separate rims, postal signs and mo
29 days ago
Jeep has been sold