Available Upgrades


This page lists ad upgrades you can purchase to get your ad more views!

Always on Top

Your ad will be displayed on top of normal ads

and will have the “FEATURED” label next to it

$5.00 for 30 days

Highlighted Ads

Your ad will be highlighted with a different color than normal ads

$10.00 for 30 days

Push Ads

Once a day we’ll change the posting time of your ad

and move it at the top of the newly added ads.

That way your ad will not get pushed down in the listings by newer ads.

$15.00 for 30 days
To purchase one of these upgrades, just go to your ad page by clicking on “My Account” at the top right of the page.  Click on your ad and then click on “Upgrade”.  From there you will be able to purchase the one you choose!