Right Hand Drive 2010 Jeep Unlimited - $15500 (Nolanville) TX

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Nolanville, TX, USA

This vehicle in in great running condition, The Carfax will show minor structural damage, all it was when the bumper got bent it pulled over the mounting flange that is bolted to the frame then tack welded. They removed this bent part and put a new one on. It has been service regular at the Dealership. The check engine light is on and the code shows a catalytic converter needs replacing, the after market price for this is under $100 bucks. The 4×4 light is also stuck on, it is a $50 part at the dealership but it is a pain to get to as it is on top of the transmission and I did not feel like fixing as the vehicle never get put in 4wd, but the 4wd works great. This vehicle has a after market strobe light system installed on it. The wheels are custom wheels (10 ply, no more route flats) and rims and have been up sized to the 16″ rims and wheels have road hazard with discount tire. The current mileage is 161974, and the VIN is 01431342029113528

Vehicle year 2010
Vehicle mileage 161200
Vehicle Condition Route Ready
Drive Configuration Factory RHD
Phone number 92540 702-8349
Country United States of America
State/Province Texas
distance: 429 Miles
Address Nolanville, TX, USA

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